starting with Arduino

I really can recommend the Arduino UNO to start working with Microcontrollers and MIDI. The Arduinjo UNO uses a programmable USB controller (Atmel 8U2) which can be used as USB MIDI (with MOCO LUFA firmware). You still able to use standard midi with DIN outs, there is nothing different in the programming, you just have to setup the correct MID baud rate (31250).

Here are 2 examples (check the arduino sketches!):

Arduino UNO is great, maybe you have to buy a second one for using it as ISP programmer, i use a AVR ISP MKii (costs around 40$). You need a programmer if your upload has crashed the microchip!

you find the firmwares in the Arduino IDE folder

FLIP (Flip 3.4.7) can be downloaded here:

Use the usb dfu drivers from the FLIP folder for installing the Arduino UNO to get it working in FLIP!
C:\xxxxxxxx\ATMEL\Flip 3.4.7\usb

You have to flash the 8U2 with this midi firmware after uploading your program. firmware-for-arduino-uno-moco/?lang=en

Now learn to program the basics and then switch to using multiplexers (4051 (8channel/inputs) / 4067 (16channel/inputs).

Here are a few articles about arduino, multiplexers,ISP and midi. IDI c-data.html b-midi-controller.html olume-control-pedal.html h-arduino.html with-an-avrisp-mkii-with-new-1-0-ide/ ited-first-try-at-designingbuilding-a-multiplexer-shield/ rduino/

MIDI Messages List

MidiOX – great MIDI tools

Bytechop Layersampler

Hej Folks,

here is my Layersampler for Native Instruments  Reaktor 5.8. Bytechop Layersampler v1 XT v1.2 a 4 voice layering sampler using one samplemap, various modulation sequencers and master fx.


the simplified version is available here:


demo sounds of the snapshots